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The award winning Original Iron delivers exceptional results, thanks to the renowned temperature controlled, mineral coated ceramic plates.

The innovative temperature control feature of this award winning iron allows you to choose from seven different temperatures, ensuring optimum performance for all hair types.

The floating, mineral-coated ceramic plates are proven to be kinder to hair, leaving it feeling conditioned and cared for.


  • The Original Iron takes 20 seconds to reach maximum temperature

  • The ultra smooth, mineral infused ceramic surfaces of Cloud 9 Irons allow you to achieve incredible styling results at much lower, hair friendly temperatures

  • Floating plates to cushion the impact throughout each section of your hair, minimising dragging or pinches.

  • Five temperature control options, set the iron from 100 degrees to 200 degrees, so you can choose the heat that’s best suited to your hair type

  • The Original Iron features international voltage meaning that the Iron will automatically adjust itself to the varying power source ranging from 100v-240v, 50Hz ac

  • The protective heat guard is more than just a style accessory. In addition to protecting your styling tools in a tidy package, the guard also protects your surfaces and carpets from unnecessary damage.

The Cloud Nine Original Iron comes with a FREE three year warranty when you register your product online.