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Discover where it all began with Fake Bake Original Self-Tan Lotion, the first product featuring the patented tanning formula with a colour guide.

Boasting an easy-glide formula and rich colour, this product is easy to apply, develops in 6-8 hours and provides a long-lasting golden tan.

Lotions are absorbed deeper into the skin, making this option the longest lasting of all formulations.

With this Fake Bake lotion, naturally derived tanning agents DHA, DMI and Erythrulose, enhance the natural pigment of your skin to deliver a streak-free natural tan for every skin tone.

One application is sufficient for most users, but if you want to achieve an ever deeper bronze glow, reapply over consecutive days.

Includes: Application gloves and step-by-step application advice.

Skin Types: Normal, Oily, Dry

Skin Tones: Medium, Dark

Development Time: 6-8 hours

Tanning advice and application 

  • Shake well before use
  • Always wear waterproof gloves and professional mitt when applying
  • Prior to applying to elbows, hands, knees and feet we recommend using Fake Bake's Oil Free Moisturiser and Coconut Prep & Maintain Body Polish
  • Apply small amounts of lotion in a circular motion
  • Lightly glaze over elbows, hands, knees and feet
  • Bend elbows and knees when applying
  • Rinse off guide colour with warm water after development time
  • Re-apply once a week and use Fake Bake maintenance products to extend life of tan